Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities

Empowering parents 

We bring together parents of children with disabilities in order to share ideas concerning how best to support each other to improve the lives of their children. We provide counseling and guidance to the parents and help them in caring for their children.

To achieve these goals, we employ the following activities:

  • Encouraging and supporting the creation of associations of parents of disabled children. These groups allow parents to share experiences and ideas on how to meet the needs of their children. Information can be easily passed on to different parents. Additionally, these groups facilitate lobbying and promotion of children's rights in the community.
  • Providing counseling and guidance services to parents, children and their families. These services also focus on fighting misconceptions regarding the disabled.
  • Income generating activities. Parents are trained to establish income generating activities, like poultry or piggery keeping as well as savings and credit schemes. These schemes allow parents to invest small amounts of money which can later be used for educational or medical purposes.

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  • (+256)775888442(Administrator)

For better lives of children with disabilities