Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities

Education support - school for blind and deaf children 

We sensitize the parents on the importance of educating all their children, including those with a disability. RAPCD operates a small school (the Integrated Child Education Center) which targets blind and deaf children. The school offers them special attention during class as well as after-school assistance. Apart from the core courses in mathematics, science, social studies and English, the children are taught Braille or sign language by teachers who are deaf or blind themselves. Children are also trained in physical education, arts and crafts, social interaction and daily living activities on top of traditional academics. Finally, the center also serves as a learning center for parents.

School fees are charged on a sliding scale based on the family's ability to pay. Remaining costs are supplemented by contributions from donors.

We are also supporting secondary school students through school fee support. Currently 3 students are in secondary school, 1deaf girl is studying tailoring and recently 1 deaf boy completed carpentry training. Three of these students have a sponsor in UK through Accomplish Children's Trust.

Many more deaf and blind children in need of education are identified each year but due to financial constraints we're not always capable to meet the needs. 

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