Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities

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  • Telephone:
  • (+256)774473745 (Director)
  • (+256) 772574965 (Assistant director)
  • (+256)775888442(Administrator)


Contact us


(+256)774473745 (Maali Wilson, director)

(+256)772574965 (Masika Defrose, assistant director)

(+256)775888442 (Seguya Hezhika, administrator)


Postal address:

P.O. Box 535

Kasese, Uganda

Physical address:

The offices of RAPCD and the school for blind and deaf children are located in Kasese Town, in the area of Kikonzo. Branching at the junction near the Kasese Town round about to Kikonzo downwards straight without branching any more, will lead you to RAPCD. We are located near Railway Primary School.

Alternatively you can contact us through our partner below:

Accomplish Children’s Trust

St Edward’s Vicarage

Tadcaster Road

YO24 1QG

Telephone: 01904706120


For better lives of children with disabilities