Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities

Our partners

  1. Accomplish Children’s Trust

RAPCD is supported by Accomplish Children's Trust (ACT), a registered charity in England and Wales. It was established to support the work of RAPCD and SADICH (Save the Disabled Child's Home) - a sister organization also operating in west Uganda -, but is now branching to work with disabled children and their families in other areas of Africa.

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  1. Kagando Hospital

Whenever a child needs appropriate medical care, we refer them to Kagando Hospital, about a 30 minutes drive from Kasese Town. This hospital is considered one of the premier medical facilities in the Kasese area, and was founded by Anglican missionaries.

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  1. OURS


Organized Useful Rehabilitation Services, simply OURS, is our main partner in supporting children’s health. The rehabilitation center is located in Mbarara, and runs a community based rehabilitation program for children with disabilities in addition to a well-equipped hospital.


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For better lives of children with disabilities



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