Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities

How it all began


Kihembo Wilson, first son of Maali and his wife Masika Defrose, played a huge part in the creation of RAPCD. Accomplish Trust Founder, Rebecca Cornish, explains:


“Kihembo, meaning "the one with a gift" was born with cerebral palsy. His parents spent lots of time taking him to different hospitals and doing exercises, along with playing with him and educating him as with any other child. The family’s friends and neighbours were amazed at what Kihembo was able to do both physically and at school. His parents soon realised that there was a huge need for education and facilitation in the community to make parents aware of their children’s potential and give them the encouragement, information and financial ability to access medical and educational support – and so RAPCD was born.


During my visit to Uganda this year, seeing the RAPCD primary school for the deaf and blind, and visiting children in the community who have, through RAPCD's encouragement, visited OURS and had operations enabling them to walk rather than be wheelchair bound; I realised that none of this would have happened without Kihembo. I can think of no-one else I've ever met who has been more appropriately named as what an amazing gift he has brought to the children of the Kasese region.”


(Source: The face of RAPCD, article published in ACT Newsletter - summer issue,



For better lives of children with disabilities



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